• Medical Record Sorter
  • Medical Record Sorter

Medical Record Sorter

Your Paperless Medical Record Management Solution
Mr. Sorter is an online medical record management system designed for attorneys involved in complex medical litigation.


The Mr. Sorter interface is intuitive and simple. By digitally sorting your medical records, organization is flexible. By default, records are sorted in a format that is identical to that used by hospitals and medical providers. Need to print a set of medical records for an expert? Simply pull up the records on Mr. Sorter and print a version that is organized in a manner familiar to the reviewer.


Because the records are sorted digitally, the organization of the records can be quickly and easily modified. For example, if you are looking for records made by a particular doctor or nurse, Mr. Sorter can filter out the specific notes written by the provider, saving you the time it would take to go through the records to track down the persons involvement in the care.


One of Mr. Sorter's most powerful features is the ability to generate reports that bring to the surface hidden trends. By default, a standard comprehensive medical chronology is just a click away. Or, narrow your report to show only the information that is important. Mr. Sorter's powerful filtering function allows you to track down the information you need in seconds- not hours!


By storing records on-line, your access to a complete set of medical records is always at your fingertips. Anywhere that you have access to a an Internet connection you have the ability to access all of your records. All data exchanged with Mr. Sorter is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. Our state-of-the-art servers provide the security and safety that law firms demand.

Everything you need to know about Mr. Sorter in about a minute

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Mr. Sorter At A Glance

A New Era of Law Office Record Management


Mr. Sorter utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology to store, sort, annotate and create reports based on medical records. The system stores your records in the cloud making access easy.

  • Store
  • Sort
  • Annotate


Mr. Sorter is Software as a Service (SaaS) which means there is no software to buy, no hardware to configure, no server to manage and we take care of disaster recovery.

  • Access Anywhere
  • No Software To Buy
  • No Hardware To Manage


Mr. Sorter is fully compliant with Rules of Ethics governing the practice of law. Mr. Sorter software and servers provide state-of-the-art security that protects your data.

  • 2048-Bit SSL
  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery


Mr. Sorter is a taxable cost service.
The fee to use Mr. Sorter is billed on a per case basis. Special incentives are available to qualifying users and tech savvy firms.

  • Per Case Billing
  • No Per Seat Fee
  • Special Incentives


Affordable per case pricing for law firms and related parties.

    • Free

    • $0 / Case

      • Store, sort, and organize your medical records
      • Store up to 5,000 pages
      • Share sorted records with other users
      • Clients and experts can view sorted records online
      • HIPAA compliant
      • Unlimited access to your case for up to 3 years
      • Fully encrypted
      • State-of-the-art security
      • Free support via e-mail
      • Limited printing capabilities
      • Try full service for free for 45 days
    • Try Now
    • Full

    • $129 $99 / Case (Limited Time)

      • All of the benefits of the free service, plus…
      • Store up to 25,000 pages
      • Store, sort, organize and view all record types
      • Create integrated chronologies and timelines
      • Share chronologies and timelines with your clients
      • Unlimited access to your case for up to 7 years
      • Allow your experts to view all record types
      • Full complement of printing options
      • Easily create “travel sets” of printed records
      • Premier level support via e-mail or telephone
      • Free automatic software updates
    • Purchase
    • Experts

    • Free

      • Free access to your cases
      • No need to store or move huge stacks of records
      • Remote acces from anywhere
      • Instant access to new materials
    • Vendors

    • Free

      • Court Reporters can share exhibits for free
      • Hospitals can share records with attorneys for free
      • Document management services can share medical records with attorneys for free
      • Outside Nurse Paralegals can manage cases remotely

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